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Who is Far Out Adventures?

Far Out Adventures is a small outbound tour operation based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. We are a small group of friends and family, brought together by a love for travel and a desire to share some of the amazing experiences we have had with each other, with others.

In creating Far Out Adventures, our main focus was to create a “choose your own adventure” style group tour that would allow people to spend their time the way they wanted to, while also providing a more genuine and meaningful travel experience than your average group tour. Something that felt less like a typical “group tour” and more like a backpacking trip with a group of friends. We also wanted to offer our customers better value for their money by providing better accommodations, transportation, activities, and service than the other budget tour operators we saw operating in the market.

In 2012 we set out to SE Asia with a small group of family and friends on what would be the first of many small group trips throughout the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Over the last several years our vision has slowly materialized and taken shape. In March of 2018 we were very proud to launch the new Far Our Adventures website, offering six different 10 day backpacking trips throughout South East Asia.

We are a small tour company offering a limited number of tours with limited space. Our small size allows us to be very hands on in making sure all of our trips are executed exactly as intended. It also allows us to provide all of our customers the individual attention they require to make their perfect trip a reality. Our crew is a small, dedicated cast of experienced and knowledgeable travelers. Listed below are some of the folks who will help you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

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